R.stamp: crowdfund project – name

Recently I started to crowdfund for my physiotherapy~ I decided raise money through by handmade item~ 

Now I preparing some material and item for present gift in return. 1stage for appreciate gift is crafting rubber stamp for suppotor’s name. I use a calligraphy style as a sketch basic rather than using pencil to draft it. Because pencil sketching cannot be like calligraphy outcome~

Testing results is quite satisfied,I will continue processing it.


R.stamp: Fighting


In life, we will always to facing unhappy things or feeling down or emo. We’re hope someone encourage it caring our feeling , actually we can encourage ourselves and give some motivation to ourselves~ 

“FIGHTING” is the best word for encourage people don’t give up. No matter how struggling or how hard to survive our life, we are need fighting~

Cheer up!

ALPHABET Project 2017 : 1st Batch

ALPHABET Project 2017

I re-challenge the alphabet rubber stamp again. I wanna improve my skill and try to craft smaller than last alphabet project  in 2015.

For this time crafting, I adding frame with alphabet increase the challenge and more practice. I quite satisfied for this time outcome result, the finishing skill is still need have to improve and more detail.

Compared with last project 2015, overall is improvement and new try.

Ref: Alphabet Project 2015